Breastfeeding Moms: Go Ahead Steal That Halloween Candy

Tis the season; well, the season to indulge in some yummy treats.  If we are being honest with ourselves, we all know that when our kids go to sleep on Halloween night, we sneak a peak in their Halloween Trick or Treat take and help ourselves to our favorites without them knowing the wiser.

If you are a new mama during this Halloween season, you may believe that your candy burglar days are on hiatus but hold that thought.  There are some tasty snacks nestled in that trick or treat bag that may be beneficial for nursing mothers.  You can thank us for providing an emergency justification for steeling your kids’ candy, here are a few to look for J

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“When grains are germinated, they release malting enzymes, which converts barley into a sweet, syrupy malt,” according to Today’s Parent. The malt also contains lactogenic beta-glucan, a type of fiber that is supposed to increase prolactin, which means you will get a boost in breast milk production.  Do you see a little box of Whoppers in that bag?  Snag those, after all they are the original malt ball.

Candy Corn

Oh, the Halloween staple.  Just like candy canes are synonymous with Christmas, Candy Corn is synonymous with Halloween.  So, don’t pass up rummaging that bag for those Candy Corns, because after your kids eat them all, they are gone for another year.  Rumor has it sesame seeds are said to aid in increasing milk supply. My logic is that candy corn contains sesame oil; all the justification you need.

Almond Joy

Almonds are a natural galactagogue and are packed with nutrients like vitamins E and B.  That is why they have been a go to for mamas to help boost milk production.  What better reason to commandeer all your kid’s Almond Joy bars.  You can explain to them that your vitamin E and B consumption is dependent on the entire stock of their Almond Joys.


Good old fashion milk from good old fashion cows has been proven to help boost milk production in mothers, well M&M’s is good old fashion milk chocolate treat and they are likely several in your kid’s Halloween stash.  Go ahead, take those too.

Of course, a good, healthy and balanced diet helps lead to a successful postpartum period.  Make sure you are getting requisite nutrients, protein and vitamins; but, if you need to treat yourself for one night, and give yourself a reason to raid your kid’s hard-earned trick or treating candy, we hope that this makes your heist easier to digest.