Bradley Method Childbirth Education Series 3-5pm

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You will be able to navigate your birth the way YOU want to with practical tools and skills gained in the class.  This 10 week Bradley Method® class offers current evidence based information and blends elements of Birthing From Within to support you on your birth preparation journey.

The foundation of this class is The Bradley Method which focuses on preparing the partner  so that person can take on an active support role for the birthing mother.  The birth partner can be a husband, boyfriend, best friend, mother, sister, anyone the birthing mother trusts to be by her side.

You will both come away from this comprehensive class with an understanding of the physical, emotional and hormonal functions of birth while having fun and making lasting friendships along the way.  Each week you will learn more about the range of normal within birth and how to move though the beautiful ups and downs that birth brings.  You will learn a new meditation technique each week to deepen your capacity open for your sweet baby.  Below you will find a week by week look at what we will discuss in class.

Reach out to Nicole to register or get more details on this wonderful class!

Instructor: Nicole Green
Phone number: 714-609-8106

About the instructor: Nicole Green is a Bradley Method® certified childbirth educator and DONA certified birth doula.  Nicole was a Bradley student herself as she prepared for the birth of her first child.  She and her husband have now enjoyed the natural births of all four of their children (one in a hospital, one in a birth center and two at home).  Nicole has had the fortunate opportunity to prepare over 500 families for their birth experience, including midwives, nurses, medical doctors and hospital administrators.  She is also trained in the use of Rebozo for birth and is an Evidence Based Birth professional member.  Nicole received her Bachelor’s Degree from Chapman University.

Weekly Class Overview:

Week 1:  Exercise and Relaxation – The relationship between mind/body & fear/pain – Birth is arguably 95% mental and 5% everything else.  We start with understanding the mind/body connection in birth and the role that fear can play in this bond.  This conversation is accompanied with discussion about meditation and comfort measures.

Week 2:  Nutrition for Mother & Baby – Preventing pregnancy related disease – Did you know that a well balanced diet with adequate protein can actually prevent pregnancy related diseases?  Eating right can make your pregnancy more comfortable, your labor easier, your recovery from birth faster and your baby stronger and healthier.  We also dispel breastfeeding myths: How do you know baby is getting enough?  Is it okay that baby is losing weight?  Where is your milk?… and so much more.

Week 3:  Your Pregnancy – As it relates to a better birth – How the placenta works and what its role can be after the birth, homeopathic remedies for common pregnancy discomforts.  We will demystify the use of ultrasound in pregnancy and birth, determine the difference between types of contractions, put our Rebozos to use and create our birth labyrinths.

Week 4:  THE COACH – Interventions in birth & why the Coach is so important – We will examine the domino effect of interventions in birth and look at the risks and benefits of those interferences.

Week 5:  First Stage Labor – The physical and emotional sign posts of the stages and phases of labor – We will have a labor rehearsal and try out various positions and massage techniques.  You will begin to understand what contractions might feel like, physically and mentally and how to work with your body through those sensations.

Week 6:  Second and Third Stage Labor – Bringing your baby into the world – Learn about the mechanics of pushing your baby into the world (2nd Stage): how to breathe, how to be and what the coach can do.  Also learn little known facts about delivering the afterbirth (3rd Stage) you need to know.  Finally, what happens to the baby once they are here: bonding facts and standard care procedures.

Week 7:  Creating Your Care Plan – Working with your birth team – Writing your care plan so it accurately represents your birth day wishes is an important process as you further collaborate your care provider.  We will discuss how to work with care providers who may appear to be impeding your birth day wishes.  We will also consider the roles water, music, scents, mirrors, lighting, etc. play in your birth.

Week 8:  Variations and Unexpected Situations – What to do with some of life’s little surprises – Through out the class sessions, we focus on normal birth.  In this particular class we take a look at some minor variations in birth and how they may change your birth journey.  It is important to have an understanding of these things so they do not get in the way of having a beautiful birth, no matter what it may look like.

Week 9:  Breastfeeding Basics – For some of us breastfeeding is easy as pie.  For others of us, it is a learned art that takes time, patience and support.  You will learn essential do’s and don’ts and how to get your breastfeeding relationship off to a great start.

Week 10:  Newborn & Postpartum Care – The 4th trimester – Navigating the first three months after the birth of your baby can be so much fun and yet challenging at the same time.  Tips, tricks and thoughts for an easier recovery for mama and a smoother transition to life here on earth for your baby (sleeping, soothing and more).