Nurse Midwife Fellowships

South Coast Midwifery (SCM) is pleased to offer Nurse Midwife Fellowships. Fellowships are for new grad nurse midwives, or California nurse midwives looking to gain out-of-hospital birth experience and/or solidify their midwifery education and experience. Fellows serve a minimum of 3-4 months and must have a California RN license, and CNM license (or pending).  For more information, please email


Our internship programs are an example of the South Coast Midwifery and Women’s Health Care philosophy of “women helping women”.  SCM has two internship programs, both gain administrative and birth assisting experience. One program is designed specifically for doulas looking to gain more experience or complete their certification, in addition to the administrative and birth assisting experience, we also refer you to our clients to use as a doula for their birth with SCM.

SCM provides a unique opportunity to experience birth in a variety of settings. Interns are given many opportunities to develop perinatal knowledge throughout their internship with South Coast Midwifery.  For example; volunteering during clinic hours with extensive office related responsibilities, attending classes, and being a part of the birth team by aiding the midwife and her assistant at births. Doula interns will also attend births as the client’s doula. These and more are all ways that interns interact with SCM clients and gain valuable experience.

The goal of each internship program is to develop dynamic and long-term relationships with the local community, which is why only the most passionately dedicated applicants will be considered for the programs. The first step to be becoming an intern and deciding which program is for you is to review the program descriptions, agreements, and submit the application to SCM!