Postpartum Care

After you’ve given birth, we’ll be seeing you in the office 24-48 hours postpartum. We’ll check on your breastfeeding relationship, weigh the baby to see if he or she is maintaining weight, check to see how you’re healing if you needed sutures, monitor your blood pressure and lochia flow, check to see that your uterus is returning or has returned to it’s non-pregnant size, talk with you about your birth experience and emotional health, etc.  At this time, we also offer all routine newborn screenings, including the CCHD and metabolic screening.

If needed, we see mom and baby again at one to two weeks postpartum.  And your final visit will be at six weeks, where we’ll review all of the above and ask about your sexual health. If you’re ready to or have already resumed intercourse we will offer you a choice of contraception. We’d love to see your birth pictures or video at this visit!