Women’s Health Workshop 5:30pm

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Join Dr. Billy DeMoss and Midwife Lorri Walker at this Women’s Health Workshop.  ⁠

At this event you will learn: Optimal lifestyle choices for breast, cervical and ovarian cancer prevention; Safe alternatives to mammograms; A look into the infertility epidemic; Midwifery model of care vs. Medical model of care; How to have an empowered pregnancy and birth; 4 basic things to help avoid a cesarean section; How to use water to relax and ease your labor and birth; Choices for a safe, gentle, and loving birth.⁠

A healthy dinner will be served at this fun and free workshop!  Free giveaways include: free exams, DVDs, and hyperberic sessions.  RSVP to 949-250-0600. Location: DeMoss Chiropractic, 20321 SW Birch St #100, Newport Beach.