Care & Services

South Coast Midwifery is about comfort, safety and serenity- and providing unparalleled midwifery service.  We provide a wealth of health care resources for the whole family. Like a conventional OB/GYN, we provide the highest standard of care in all the basics such as prenatal care, labor and birth care, postpartum care, normal newborn care, gynecological care such as breast exams, pap smears, birth control, infection treatment and family planning service and ultrasounds & lab work. But we go far beyond the basics offering home or birth center birth, water birth, VBAC birth, childbirth education classes, breast feeding instruction & classes, birth details class for Out of Hospital Births, private birth planning session with the Midwife, preconception care and counseling, menopausal care, and alternative health services: homeopathy, aromatherapy & herbal treatments, etc.

A midwife understands the unique physical, social and spiritual needs of women- along with advocating wellness and personal choice. Women are encouraged to make informed decisions about their health. We welcome your questions and take the time to talk with you. Midwives emphasize the normality of childbirth and minimal intervention in the birth process. They encourage women and their partners to take an active role in creating the kind of childbirth experience they desire-selecting the site, setting and atmosphere of their birth.

Midwives recognize the strength of women and the natural beauty of childbirth. But we also recognize the pregnant woman’s need for professional guidance and emotional support. Midwives offer greater sensitivity and personal attention so your pregnancy and birth can be healthier and more joyful. We act as a “lifeguard” at your birth… working with you every step of the way while ensuring your safety.