Home Birth

As they say… “Home is where the heart is”.  And this may be true for you during your birthing time.  Our home tends to be the place where we feel most comfortable, relaxed and uninhibited- a desirable environment for birthing.  The continuum of being in labor, giving birth, and snuggling down with your newborn baby in your own environment creates an incredibly peaceful event.   Your midwife also comes to you, so no driving before or after your birth is necessary.   If you have children and you want them present for this birth, they could be most comfortable in their own environment, and it is easy for them to “take a break from the action” by going to their own rooms to play or sleep. Families who share birth with their children report improved bonding and less incidence of sibling rivalry.  If your home is where you feel safe and cozy, it’s near a hospital, is within Orange County, and has ample space for the birth team and their equipment, a home birth may be a great choice for you.