Well Woman Care

Well Woman Care provided by our Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) in our free-standing birth center, is much more relaxing and stress-free than at a typical OB/GYN office.   Our CNMs have a more holistic approach to well-being, and have more time to answer all your questions and help you learn about the physical and emotional changes you experience as you prepare for your expanding family, or with your general care.  Our CNMs can also be a great resource before you have children by assisting with family planning, and can provide contraceptive counseling and services, including: prescriptions for oral contraceptive pills, non-hormonal options such as cervical caps and Fem Caps, IUD insertions and removals, insertion and removal of hormone-releasing birth control implants, and discussion of benefits and risks and individualized explanations and management of all birth control options.

Our CNMs are qualified to care for women long term, and to perform woman’s annual physical exam and pap smear, as well as assist women as they enter menopause and face hormonal issues.