Pregnancy Care

From the time you first contact us for a consultation, you will find that midwifery care is unique and personalized, unlike that of a traditional obstetrician. We will do everything we can, with you as our partner, to ensure your health and that of your baby’s throughout your pregnancy.

Here is a brief overview of our pregnancy services:

Your first appointment (approximately 60 minutes)
Assuming you have not obtained prenatal care elsewhere, we will spend your first visit by discussing important facts about your health history and current health. We will ask for a nutrition diary for one week, so we can help you evaluate your diet and confirm that you’re eating well. We may offer suggestions and/or supplements if necessary. We will also provide you the SCM handbook, a complete educational and resource guide only available for clients of SCM. If you’re transferring to us with previous care, please bring copies of your prenatal records and we can easily transfer much of the information.

We will take your blood pressure and pulse, then give you instructions on doing a urinalysis, and show you how to use our scale (you’re responsible for the urinalysis and weight measurement each visit for more interactive care). Next, we will conduct a complete physical, which may include a pelvic exam and Pap smear and any screenings for sexually transmitted infections at your request (may be deferred to next appointment). If you’re far along enough, your baby’s heartbeat may be heard at this time. Finally, we will collect blood for an “OB panel” to determine your baseline health (blood count, type, glucose levels, among other things).

Subsequent appointments (approximately 30-45 minutes)
You’ll begin your own appointments with the self-urinalysis and weight check, then meet one of our assistants to review the findings, and monitor your blood pressure. We’ll review any previous lab results (though be advised we will call you immediately if results need your urgent attention), discuss upcoming diagnostic tests, offer education and answer many questions you may have. Next, you’ll visit with the midwife for your prenatal exam, where you’ll listen for your baby’s heartbeat, measure your growth, perhaps palpate for its position (once the baby is big enough, we will teach you how to feel for its position), and review the clinical interpretation of what is happening now with you and the baby. Of course, any and all questions are welcome and we encourage you to let us know any concerns you have.
Throughout your pregnancy, we encourage self-education through books, classes, and the SCM handbook. The midwives will help keep you on track and offer to sign you up for any upcoming classes, such as our breastfeeding class, baby care basics class, birth details class or prepared childbirth education series. Please bring your handbook with you at each visit for review of information that may be pertinent to the visit at hand or upcoming.

Birth Plan Conference at 35 weeks (approximately 60 minutes)
You’re getting closer to birth and we’d like to help you make it perfect! By now, you will be well into, if not finished, with your childbirth education. You will also have developed your trust in us during the course of your prenatal care. We know by this time you have definite ideas about your birth. Rest assured that you will not have to “fight” for a birth without an episiotomy, they are not routine and reserved only for serious situations– it’s a big reason for why many women choose us! In addition, IVs are not routine and even a “heparin lock” is not required for an uncomplicated labor and birth.

We’d also like to know things such as:

Will you be laboring or birthing in the water? If so, have you purchased or rented all of the supplies and given them a rehearsal?
Would you like photos or videotape of the birth?
How would you like the lights? Do you want music to play?
What do you envision being your dream birth?
What are your strong points? Your partner’s?
What are your weak points? Your partner’s? Are there any “rough spots” we should know about?
Does dad want to catch the baby or another important member of your family? (Don’t worry, we’ll help!)
Who will cut the cord after birth?
Who will be attending your birth and in what capacity will they serve you?
If you have children will they attend? Have they been prepared?
If you are giving birth at home, we’ll need detailed directions that include a map with landmarks pointed out (it’s hard to read street signs in the dark!).
Who is your pediatrician? Have you met him or her? What is the phone number for him or her should a consult for your baby be necessary?
Will you be giving your baby the antibiotic eye ointment? Vitamin K? Newborn screening test?
Will you be circumcising your son? Have you made arrangements for the procedure?
Have you met with La Leche League or know how to get in touch with them?
Do you have a car seat? Do you know how to use it?
We hope by answering those questions, we can all be prepared for you birth!

We offer ultrasounds to our clients as needed, in the comfort and convenience of our own office! Some of the radiology services we are able to provide are:

  • Intrauterine Pregnancy Confirmation
  • Gestational age
  • Fetal Heart Tones
  • Various Fetal measurements
  • Gender determination
  • Placenta location
  • Position checks
  • Nuchal Translucensy
  • Anatomical Screens (20 week ultrasound)

Of course, all of our services are both standard and personalized to meet your individual needs.

Laboratory Work
We offer all the routine blood and culture screenings provided in a traditional OB/GYN office, but in the comfort of our own center.

Fetal Monitoring
Another “as-needed” service we are pleased to offer on-site, in the comfort of our familiar, and relaxing birth center.

Your dream birth is ours, too!